Training Horses that Want to Perform

ThoroughbredProgram01There is something about the heart of a Thoroughbred that captures the love of so many equestrians. At first glance, you just see the outer shell of muscle rippling with power to overtake the ground underneath his feet, and bone structure that is so perfect that it takes your breath away. As you take up their gaze, you find passion for partnership and a heart so determined to succeed that it is almost intimidating. It is a Thoroughbred that makes all impossible, possible by carrying you with such strength, but so delicately as to not risk losing you. It is a Thoroughbred that will find you when you feel as though you are lost. It is a Thoroughbred that will give you their whole heart in exchange for nothing.

There are hundreds of Thoroughbreds every year that go to the racetrack and are retired because they don’t have the desire to win races, but this does not mean that they are not talented in another discipline. Many go on to be successful in Eventing, Dressage, Hunter Jumper, Fox Hunting, Pony Club, and 4-H. The reputation of Thoroughbreds is that they are hot tempered, high energy, and only for an experienced rider, but I have found that sometimes Thoroughbreds can make the best lesson horses for any level of rider. It is not always the breed of the horse that determines their personality, but the way in which they have been raised.

The hardest part for a racehorse is the transition from being an “on-the-track” Thoroughbred to being an “off-the-track” Thoroughbred. Through my program I work to make it a smooth transition for them from one life to another and to help them find a new passion for another discipline. Thoroughbreds have so much drive and passion for working that it is not fair to simply turn them out to pasture when their racing career is over, but instead it is our duty to open new doors for them.


Thoroughbreds Sold

2005 Thoroughbred Gelding
By Awesome Again, Out of Fabulous

Ab Fab is an extremely athletic and fun horse to ride. A former Steeple Chase horse, Ab Fab jumps clean and has natural carriage, balance, and flying lead changes. He is very quiet and anyone can ride him from beginners to advanced riders. He loves to work and loves to learn. He his currently being schooled over 3ft but has potential to much more. Very confident over the fences and will take you to them. Retired because he simply wasn’t fast enough on the track. Was sold to a 15 yo girl to go on to do Eventing.

Ab Fab


4 yo Thoroughbred Gelding
By Quiet American, Out of Distant Breeze

Trojan is a big sweet boy with a lot of personality. He was sold to a 13 yo girl to be a Hunter Jumper. He is extremely athletic and a great jumper. Super quiet. With just 4 months of training he went on to his first show at Brownland in Franklin, TN to place with his new owner in every class.



2005 Thoroughbred Gelding
By Royal Academy, Out of Tip Compris

Mack is a big, beautiful gelding with a great mind and a need to please. Natural uphill carriage and balance with flying lead changes. Has been started over fences and is currently schooling 3’6″ft but has potential to go on to do the 4 – 5 ft jumpers. Very confident and will take you to the fence. Lots of SCOPE!! Went on to be an Eventer in Illinois.