Training Horses that Want to Perform

The Joy of Teaching: A big day for a wonderful student

It was a big day for Elise! It’s been 2 years in tgr making and it was on her sister’s pony, but Elise cantered for the first time today! It had taken a lot of work to break through her nerves and fears, so today was huge! This kid used to cry and beg me to not make her walk alone, ride up or down hills, or trot. At one point in time she would just jump off if the horse did the slightest head shake. With the purchase of a sweet horse named Patches, a lot of patience and time, this sweet girl took off at a canter without any tears or begging. She took a breath, said “I can do this”, and with some cheering from me and her friend, Elise took off! Love this picture I got of her just doing from ear to ear. It was pretty awesome for both of us. Even better when she asked “can I do that again?”. HECK YA KID! It’s these moments that give me so much joy. I love what i have been able to do for Elise’s confidence. ❤ I could not be more proud of her.

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