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Dave Gerber 

A few years ago we got lucky enough to be introduced to Aelin’s Equine Training and Teaching and her partner in all things equine, John Herrington.We and our horse friends have been very impressed with their knowledge and dedication. Aelin knows more about horses and their riders that one could reasonably expect. She teaches discipline for both, but also fun for both. Not too long after we met, I had a bit of a horse accident. After recovering from nine broken ribs, a couple of broken shoulder bones, and a very bruised ego, Aelin and John got me back in the saddle. We found a horse for me – a Spotted Saddle Horse named Trooper. Only problem was that Trooper has a thyroid problem which at the time required a number of meds and his lack of exercise left him very overweight (below is the picture when we first saw him). With Aelin’s guidance and John’s knowledge, Trooper is off all meds and we are able to enjoy long rides together. This is just one example of the service that Aelin’s Equine Training and Teaching provides. She is an award winning instructor. John provides a fully functional, clean, and spacious ranch for riding and caring for the horses left in his care. What else could you ask for? Try them out.

July 6, 2015 - 2:09 AM

Carrie Gilbert 

I first met Aelin when she was a Kentucky Equine Management Internship student [] on a thoroughbred farm in Lexington, Kentucky. My husband Randy was the assistant manager of the farm at the time so how I met Aelin.. Aelin excelled in the program and became an asset to the farm because of her horsemanship skills. She assisted with foaling mares, foals, lay-ups and yearlings. She was also a vital asset in breaking the yearlings. Shortly after Aelin arrived in Lexington she brought her horse up from Tennessee so she could ride and enjoy her during the six month internship. During that time she boarded her mare with me at my farm I knew then Aelin was an excellent horsemen. I was laid up having back surgery for many of the months Aelin was living in Lexington so I asked if could, in her free time, ride Pip. She also helped me with farm chores and working with the horses. When she returned to Tennessee after the internship, and me still recovering from back surgery and without a good indoor arena to ride a young horse I decided to send Pip to her to continue her training.
The plan was to send Pip for a month to start, but Aelin made such improvement with her often times sassy 3yo filly attitude it lead to two additional months! While in training with Aelin, Pip learned her leads, flying lead changes, to work over cross rails and to jump and most important for Pip taught her that being sassy really wasn’t necessary and that work can be fun no matter if it meant a lot of flat work and not jumping all the time! Aelin has such good hands and seat while riding which gave Pip the confidence and reassurance that working could be fun and Aelin helped Pip find a love for jumping.

Aelin provided weekly text messages, phone calls, photos and videos of the progress! This was great because it felt like I was there instead of 4 hours away! It was nice to see the changes and what she had learned each week.

Pip now lives in Nicholasville Kentucky with a youth event rider. I sold Pip when I became pregnant with my first child knowing Pip was 100% ready to compete and was hoping a youth rider would love her as much as I did. Kentucky trainer and eventer rider Jen O’ Neill took Pip to her first schooling show and two horse trials before Pip was sold. Thankfully she has found the most amazing home. She has competed in several horse trials and winning her first with her current owner!

This was the first time I have ever sent a horse off to be trained and very thankful I did because Aelin developed a great little horse for me, that now is competing and making a young girls dreams come true.

If anyone has any questions about my experience I would be more than happy for you to contact me:

January 8, 2015 - 7:10 PM

Fern Kimmel 

Aelin has done an amazing job retraining my Quarter Horse mare. Apparently, Mia’s previous training was very harsh. Mia had an opinion about everything and wanted her way or the highway! Mia had a lot of anxiety, constantly chomping the bit and hiding behind the bit.
Aelin came highly recommended by a top match local dressage trainer. Now I know why- Aelin has turned my mare into a happy and at times sweet, willing horse.
Aelin also retrained me. I have finally learned how to be a rider instead of a passenger!

August 28, 2014 - 6:59 PM

Shanon Billings 

I’ve had my horse Bandit back from Aelin for just over a week now and couldn’t be happier. Bandit stayed with her for a 30 day training followed by a month of boarding and some one on one lessons. He is a lot different then what he was when he first got there and in a good way.
Bandit had spooked several times and had reared up on me as well as buck and had herd bound issues. I even had been stepped on by him. I needed the help from somebody who could understand him better than what I was. I trusted Aelin fully and it worked out great. Every week I would go and check on progress and do a lesson with me riding him (once everybody was comfortable enough). The changes were evident to me weekly. He did better and better each visit.
Care was awesome. He went there a bit skinny and came home a healthy weight and happy. She gave him the supplements I sent with him, deworming paste, put sun block on his nose, and even bleached his seedy toe which thanks to her care and her great farrier he doesn’t have anymore. Aelin also contacted me about having Bandit seen by a chiropractor due to some evidence of pain and stiffness. I okayed it and am very glad I did as it was obvious it helped him. The facility was always clean and organized.
My horse is no longer as jumpy as he was before I sent him and now is quick to recover. He went straight to lunging for me a couple of days after I brought him back home without hesitation. I’ve ridden him at least 4 different times and have had no issues at all and that includes riding bareback and bit less. He definitely seems to be a happier horse who enjoys his job.
Aelin is great at showing and explaining things when it comes to horseback riding. I could understand what she was telling me and when I wanted to see an example she had no problem showing me. I have learned a lot through her lessons. I also learned through her that a few things with my tack was wrong (ex: saddle pinching horse) and with listening to her advice I now have the correct tack for my horse. She is also great at explaining how your reactions are affecting your horses, how your horse is thinking, and what you are doing wrong.
I honestly couldn’t be happier with the way things worked out. My horse is better, I’m better, and my tack is no longer helping to cause any problems. I’ll still be attending some lessons here and there with Aelin as I feel it would still be good for Bandit and I as there is always something to learn. If Bandit needs a refresher, Aelin will be the first person I’ll call. If down the road I get another horse that needs any training, Aelin is my first choice. I highly recommend her if you are looking for any training with your horse or lessons. You won’t be disappointed.
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First Trail Ride Post Training

August 22, 2014 - 1:40 AM

Alyssa G. 

Aelin has done so much for my horse, Romeo, and I. I bought Romeo as a weanling and broke him myself, but I did not have the knowlege to truly advance his training. Aelin helped me teach my horse shoulder control, hindquarter control, collection, and flying lead changes. She has helped turn my bumbling giant into an elegant dressage prospect! What I loved most was that Aelin helped Romeo and I learn things together. It was a wonderful bonding experience between me and my horse. Although I am working towards barrel racing, it is great to know that my horse has a strong foundation in horsemanship and can be directed towards multiple paths.

Aelin is a true horsewoman. She excels at riding and training horses for many different disciplines. Her work with Romeo and I proves that good horsemanship transfers to any discipline. Aelin is passionate about training and she loves sharing her knowledge with other people.

Romeo is moving forward in his barrel racing training and I hope to be showing him soon! I will graduate with a degree in Horse Science from MTSU within the next year, but no matter where I go after graduation, I will be calling Aelin with all of my difficult horsey questions! If anyone has questions about mine and Romeo?s experience, feel free to email me at

February 23, 2013 - 9:57 AM